Mary Kay | Maximizing Connections with Sales Director Dr. Kelechi Uduhiri

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Industry: Direct Sales

Size: Small

Role: Marketing & Sales


A full-time family medicine doctor and Sales Director, Dr. Kelechi knows the power of relationships and personal connections.




Drip campaigns

With a busy schedule as a full-time doctor and keeping up her business throughout the pandemic, Dr. Kelechi uses campaigns to consistently connect. Members of her unit engage more often and customer sales stay strong because of the automated follow-up.


Dr. Kelechi doesn’t limit her messages to just words, not when she has actual products to show and demonstrate. When new products come out, she sends launch photos and videos to create a whole selling experience that’s more engaging than just telling people what’s new.

Message Templates 

With minimal changes to Skipio’s prewritten message templates, Dr. Kelechi starts conversations with team members and customers in just seconds — getting everything she needs from the Skipio Resource Center.

Dr. Kelechi Uduhiri started her Mary Kay journey in the fall of 2018, all because she wanted to further fund her international medical missions and charity work. A family medicine doctor practicing for over 18 years, Dr. Kelechi fell in love with the empowerment and community of Mary Kay.

Though it started as a side hustle and fun creative outlet, it’s become so much more, and not just because she quickly rose to the level of Sales Director.

So how does a full-time doctor, Mary Kay Sales Director, mother, and wife manage it all? For Dr. Kelechi, the answer is Skipio.

Developing Team Connections

Dr. Kelechi knew she needed something else to improve her relationships with the people in her unit. But with her already busy life, she wanted to automate as much as she could.

Fortunately, her National Sales Director introduced her to Skipio and how it could function like a CRM, largely in part because Skipio syncs directly with Mary Kay InTouch. Dr. Kelechi dove right in and immediately knew it was the right choice.

She loves the continual connection and engagement it brings her. By using drip campaigns and Skipio’s prewritten message templates to automatically follow up, her whole business changed for the better.

Pretty much instantly, Dr. Kelechi began conversations with people who otherwise stayed silent in Zoom meetings and never turned on their cameras. They were all responding!

She reaches out personally to every single team member, now over 100 of them, and they all know she’s there to support them. Dr. Kelechi credits the growth of her team and the progress many of them have made within Mary Kay to Skipio.

“Skipio has really 10x-ed my business. It’s made life easier and more fun. I love the engagement.”

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Expanding Her Sales Reach

But of course Dr. Kelechi doesn’t limit her use of Skipio to managing her ever growing team. It’s her go-to way of keeping up with her customer relationships too.

“I love the engagement with my customers. It’s so priceless. They want to have communication and I love that.”

It’s those relationships that then lead to sales, all of which supports her mission work.

So when it came time to launch the new Mary Kay Clinical Solutions line, Dr. Kelechi knew she could rely on Skipio to get the word out.

She quickly and easily crafted a message with a launch video attached. It went out to current customers and a group of referrals. Because of her engaging message, Dr. Kelechi made great sales. Not just for the new products either! It was the perfect opener to get people excited about other products and bring in new long-term customers.

Spreading Joy

From building a stronger team to staying in touch with customers, Skipio helps Dr. Kelechi do it all. Life and work is so fast-paced that it’s the only way to make a difference and still keep things personal and relatable.

Dr. Kelechi has one thing to say to other consultants and directors who need a CRM and text messaging tool.

“That was my only regret about Skipio: Not using it sooner.”

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“[Skipio] really ramped up our connection rate with our customers,” Matt says. “But not only the text messages. We also see phone calls going better as well as emails. Because they know that they're coming from real people.”

Matt BaumgartnerDirector of Sales

"[Skipio's] been a huge huge win for us.… You can't beat a 40% increase in immediate responses; you just can't.”

Kaili SpearDirector of Marketing

“Skipio has really 10x-ed my business. It’s made life easier and more fun. I love the engagement.”

Dr. Kelechi UduhiriSales Director

"It was a game changer. Because somebody didn’t have to be in the office every single day answering a phone. 95% of our communication is text, everything is Skipio. Without it I would be lost."

Heather DeWittOwner

“There are a lot of options out there for text messaging clients, business contacts, and prospects. The trick is to find a software or service that keeps all of the correspondence organized, well-managed, and most importantly, personalized. Skipio is that software.”


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