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JobNimbus is the leading software for home exterior contractors in the United States. Their specialized CRM solution is used by everyone from roofers to landscapers and remodelers to solar installers.



Skipio syncs with the software JobNimbus was already using. They didn’t have to shut down any of their current systems to get Skipio up and running. That

Mobile app

80% of Skipio usage for JobNimbus is on the mobile app! SDRs and AEs can be doing something else on their computer or not at their desk at all and they’re engaging with prospects and replying to messages via mobile.

Sales dashboard

Matt gets nearly instant data about how many contacts each rep has, how fast his team is responding, and how engaged leads are. This oversight helps him know what his team needs to succeed.

JobNimbus helps exterior home contractors track and organize leads, jobs, and daily tasks in one place. It’s project management software for people who don’t need to know or care what CRM stands for. They just need it to make their jobs and lives easier.

And JobNimbus just wants it in the hands of anyone and everyone from roofers to painters to remodelers to solar installers. With thousands of interested leads coming in month after month, their priority is quick and personal outreach.

CEO Ben Hodson and director of sales Matt Baumgartner both knew the sales team was missing out on opportunities to connect with hot leads. Calling and emailing weren’t cutting it. Contractors don’t work at desks in offices — they’re out and about on job sites.

So how did JobNimbus ensure their messages would get seen? By giving every sales professional at their company access to Skipio.

Providing an Immediate Connection

Skipio integrates directly with HubSpot, so personalized text messages go out within minutes of getting a new lead. Each JobNimbus SDR has a unique 10-digit number and messages go out automatically seven days a week. They use the Skipio mobile app to keep conversations going no matter where they are.

Matt quickly noticed how much warmer and more responsive leads were with this system.

“[Skipio] really ramped up our connection rate with our customers,” Matt says. “But not only the text messages. We also see phone calls going better as well as emails. Because they know that they’re coming from real people.”

Within two months of using Skipio, initial engagement was up by 12 percent. He attributes this bump to the method of communication — people prefer texting — and the personalization Skipio gives them. Ben feels the same.

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“We had other text message platforms … Nothing really moved the needle for us,” Ben admits. I think the biggest reason for that is they’re just not personalized like Skipio is. That’s the really unique thing that sets Skipio apart in the market.”

Doing Follow-up That Works

SDRs keep communicating with leads (texting, emailing, and calling) with the aim to book a demo. Once a lead schedules, they’re automatically reassigned to the account executive in charge of the demo. That AE isn’t jumping in cold though.

They have access to the SDR’s entire conversation history within Skipio. The AEs build off that and send automated reminders straight to people’s phones, always including the Zoom link to the demo call.

“We have a great demo experience!” Ben says. “But they’ve gotta show up there in the first place. That’s where Skipio really comes in and makes the impact.”

Using Skipio to continue conversations and send reminders, their show rate jumped to nearly 90 percent, a 25 percent increase.

Ben is quick to attribute that success to his team’s use of Skipio for follow-up. “It’s totally automated yet it feels very personal. Because it is. It’s coming right from our rep.”

By communicating in this way, it makes rescheduling a breeze too. Instead of just no-showing and ghosting, prospects tell them ahead of time that they can’t make it. Rebooking then happens in that same text message conversation.

So now reps rarely sit around waiting and wondering if someone will show up. Instead, they already have that person rescheduled and fill that original slot with another demo.


Making Data-Driven Decisions

All the best sales reps and hottest leads in the world don’t mean much if you can’t track their progress. Skipio’s unique team dashboard gives Matt and Ben an impressive glance into how the team is connecting.

“As a manager I can get on and look at what all of my guys are doing. I can see how long it took from the initial text to the second text,” Matt says. “I can see who’s leveraging it to solve problems.”

On the team dashboard Matt sets individual and team goals, manages contact assignments, keeps tabs on active conversations, and views set appointments and closed deals. All of that in one place.

With that information so easily accessible, he quickly adapts and makes changes to help everyone succeed.

  • A message in a drip campaign isn’t getting enough responses? He can edit the message and directly share it with every user who needs it.
  • A team member takes a new job? He can reassign all their contacts to other users and doesn’t have to worry about losing any messages.
  • There’s a huge boost in leads after a big marketing initiative but calendars aren’t filling? He can check that new contacts are equally assigned and that reps are responding in a timely manner.

Prioritizing Progress

Though Skipio is just one part of the three-pronged approach that JobNimbus uses to nurture leads and close sales, it’s integral for humanizing their business.

And with nearly 60 percent of JobNimbus leads becoming customers after they sit through a demo, everyone from the CEO to the SDRs love what Skipio enables them to do.

Discover the versatility of Skipio for businesses like yours

“[Skipio] really ramped up our connection rate with our customers,” Matt says. “But not only the text messages. We also see phone calls going better as well as emails. Because they know that they're coming from real people.”

Matt BaumgartnerDirector of Sales

"[Skipio's] been a huge huge win for us.… You can't beat a 40% increase in immediate responses; you just can't.”

Kaili SpearDirector of Marketing

“Skipio has really 10x-ed my business. It’s made life easier and more fun. I love the engagement.”

Dr. Kelechi UduhiriSales Director

"It was a game changer. Because somebody didn’t have to be in the office every single day answering a phone. 95% of our communication is text, everything is Skipio. Without it I would be lost."

Heather DeWittOwner

“There are a lot of options out there for text messaging clients, business contacts, and prospects. The trick is to find a software or service that keeps all of the correspondence organized, well-managed, and most importantly, personalized. Skipio is that software.”


Text your leads faster, consistently connect with your customers, and never sound like a bot.

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