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Industry: Technology

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Role: Sales

Grow is business intelligence for, well, growing businesses. Their goal is to provide companies with all their data in one place to make better decisions.


Appointment reminders

Grow’s use of appointment reminder campaigns helped them increase show rates by 40 percent. These automated campaigns send the right messages at the right times. But there’s never any question about whether it’s personalized.

Team dashboard

Kaili and others can quickly review the messages being sent to prospects, copying and sharing the best ones with other team members. They see their appointment show rates change and improve in real time.


Because Skipio syncs with Grow’s CRM, reps further personalize the messages they send. This information reassures leads that real people are taking care of them.

When you want your business to not just survive but thrive, you need the right data to make the best decisions. Grow wants to take all your data, wherever it lives, and show it to you in one place.

Primarily serving a B2B audience with clients including Gymshark and Sports Illustrated, Grow helps companies that need to show and share data in numerous ways. Whether that’s within departments and teams internally or to their investors, Grow makes it easy to compile and visualize what matters to a business.

But those dedicated to growing a business don’t have time to spare. They have bursting email inboxes and often prefer to avoid phone calls. So how does the Grow team cut through the noise and get appointments with decision makers?

They rely on Skipio’s automated and personalized reminders.

Boosting Show Rates

Director of marketing Kaili Spear saw how detrimental missed appointments were to the sales process. People would get excited to talk with the Grow team, email back and forth, schedule an appointment… And then nothing.

“Email is fantastic. … But that’s not always the best way to get ahold of someone,” Kaili says. “We were sending email reminders, but I get email reminders and I still forget to show up.”

After implementing Skipio to send personalized appointment reminders, Grow’s show rate for qualifying calls increased 40 percent. 

“That’s been a huge huge win for us. … You can’t beat a 40% increase in immediate responses; you just can’t.”

Humanizing Conversations

The consistent, convenient reminders that Grow reps send certainly help prevent no-shows. But more than that is the personalization Skipio gives them. The platform integrates directly with Grow’s CRM, so they pull in relevant information to any messages. It’s super fast and never spammy.

“Having some personalization where they know they’re talking to a human being is key. It really just changes the dynamic of all the conversations,” Kaili says. “It’s helping us show them that we value them and what they’re trying to do … We’re not just trying to close a deal.”

Leads love knowing they have an in with a real person, so they ask questions and get answers before a call even happens. “A lot of our customers, and I’m like this, hate getting on the phone if they don’t have to,” Kaili admits. After all, not every prospect needs a meeting to make a decision, and Grow isn’t trying to hold unnecessary meetings.

Reps love taking care of issues and solving problems through text. It saves everyone time and still solidifies relationships.

Building a Better Team

Skipio doesn’t just improve the customer-facing experience. The unique team solution also simplifies the process when team members leave and join.

Adding new users from the admin dashboard is super simple, so new team members get started faster. Plus, conversation histories stay with contacts in Skipio. Kaili reassigns the contacts to other users and they see everything that’s already been said.

In addition, managers use the dashboard to see exactly what people are saying and how conversations are going. So when Kaili sees a certain rep’s message getting great responses, she shares it with the rest of the team and applies the strategy to other marketing and sales campaigns.

She gets insights like those every single day, ensuring that she can “give our reps and my immediate team the tools to really just crush it.”

Embracing New Possibilities

While Grow primarily uses Skipio for appointment reminders, the potential is there to implement it elsewhere in the sales process.

As Kaili puts it, “All texting software is not the same. … If you’re a person and you want to connect with people like another person, you’re going to see immediate responses with Skipio.”

Discover the versatility of Skipio for businesses like yours

“[Skipio] really ramped up our connection rate with our customers,” Matt says. “But not only the text messages. We also see phone calls going better as well as emails. Because they know that they're coming from real people.”

Matt BaumgartnerDirector of Sales

"[Skipio's] been a huge huge win for us.… You can't beat a 40% increase in immediate responses; you just can't.”

Kaili SpearDirector of Marketing

“Skipio has really 10x-ed my business. It’s made life easier and more fun. I love the engagement.”

Dr. Kelechi UduhiriSales Director

"It was a game changer. Because somebody didn’t have to be in the office every single day answering a phone. 95% of our communication is text, everything is Skipio. Without it I would be lost."

Heather DeWittOwner

“There are a lot of options out there for text messaging clients, business contacts, and prospects. The trick is to find a software or service that keeps all of the correspondence organized, well-managed, and most importantly, personalized. Skipio is that software.”


Text your leads faster, consistently connect with your customers, and never sound like a bot.

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