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Operations, logistics and dispatch text messaging

Utilize SMS dispatch software to simplify your operations, improve customer communication, and expand your business.

Dispatch deliverability with texting.

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Dispatch Text Messaging is Effective

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SMS Messaging for Dispatch and Logistics Operations helps you avoid:

  • dispatch delays

  • incorrect addresses

  • inconvenient delivery times

  • frustrated customers

  • increased expenses

Clear communication is critical. Skipio’s SMS software simplifies coordination, ensuring efficient delivery.

Skipio Dispatch & Logistics SMS Features

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Increase deliverability to carriers, increasing operations, saving time, and fast-tracking success with SMS



Seamless integration with over 100+ platforms, easily import your contacts, send dispatch text messages, and unlock true automation – all from your CRM.

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Call Forwarding & Outbound Calls

Easily make calls to your contacts using your Skipio number, and seamlessly redirect all incoming calls to any number of your choosing.

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Two Way Texting

Communicate in real-time with customers and staff members through two-way texting. By enabling two-way SMS, you can receive their messages regardless of location.

appointment reminders

Appointment Reminders

Easily book your next appointment, stay on track with automated text reminders, and never miss a follow-up again.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Craft a customized message for each person you text, regardless of the number of recipients.

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Ringless Voicemail

Deliver your pre-recorded messages directly to the voicemail inboxes of all your contacts with ease.



Easily share visuals with Skipio – send photos and recorded videos straight from your phone or computer!

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