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What would you do if a client tried to avoid paying you $40,000?

Earlier on in my career, a business I was part of really started to take off. We had been working with a certain client for about six months when I got a call from them.

ROI Rick called to say that the leads we’d given them weren’t any good. They weren’t converting.

Everything had been fantastic up until that point! It baffled me. And to know we weren’t going to get paid for our work? That was crushing.

Well, the day after that, ROI Rick’s business partner, Honest Abe, called and asked to come in and talk.

We sat down and Honest Abe told me that they had received the wrong leads. Once they realized & used the correct ones, everything was fine. What great news, right? Almost.

ROI Rick knew it had been a mistake, but he knew if he told us the leads didn’t convert, they wouldn’t have to pay the $40,000 they owed.

So what did we do? We turned lemons into lemonade and took it as an opportunity to grow. We hired Honest Abe to work for us and took the next steps to build something even more special than before.

But here’s the thing: If that didn’t happen and we didn’t change our attitude to view it as an opportunity, we would not have built a phenomenal business that we sold almost seven years later.

Your perspective on opportunities is everything. Everything!

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