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SMS Appointment Reminder Software

Elevate your business communication with the use of scheduled text message reminders. You can effortlessly remind your clients about essential appointments or notify your staff about upcoming events like happy hour on Friday. With the help of Skipio’s SMS reminders feature, you can easily manage all your reminders.

We support all Major North American Carriers

Solution Outreach01

Automate your follow-up

Ensure that your prospects and customers never feel neglected or ignored by scheduling timely messages to be sent at critical touch points that are specific to their needs.

Benefits of Text Appointments Reminders for Your Business

automated new leads

Automated Outreach

Automatically reach new leads with personalized messages to start talking to them sooner.

Faster Appt Setting

Faster Appointment Setting

Get leads and prospects agreeing to demos, discovery calls and consultations sooner.

increased meeting show ratesIncreased meeting show rates

Increase show rates by 30% by automating appointment confirmations and reminders.

cold leadsCold lead re-engagement

Create a system for connecting with leads who ghost, no-show, or never convert.

SOLUTIONSHOMEV3 06 PROSPECT ENGAGEMENT 1920wEnhanced prospect engagement

Have two-way conversations with prospects to move them through your sales funnel.

LTVHigher customer lifetime value

Reach customers at key times to boost retention and CLV without wasting time and resources.

SOLUTIONSHOMEV3 08 UPSELLING 1920wUpselling made easy

Stay in touch with customers and build the relationships that result in long-term trust and brand loyalty.

SOLUTIONSHOMEV3 09 UNIFY BRAND 1920wUnified brand messaging

Use the same tools and language to make the best impression on every customer, no matter who they talk to and when.

eventStreamlined event communication

Conveniently communicate with attendees before, during, and after events to improve their experiences with you.

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