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The fastest, most convenient way for 9Round owners to text their members

Connect with challenge participants and build member relationships using conversational texting

Why Skipio for your gym's texting tool?

Skipio is ideal for 9Round owners who want to:

  • Connect with new leads & build a community of  dedicated members
  • Hold two-way conversations through texting
  • Automate messaging to cut down on busywork
  • Integrate with a CRM or calendar to send personalized messages
  • Send BCC messages to groups of 2+
  • Avoid getting stuck in long-term contracts
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Frequently asked questions

Can we transfer the number we have with Zipwhip or another texting service?

Skipio can likely port your existing number or provide hosted SMS with your landline, though certain carriers do not allow it.

How long does it take to get our number transferred?

The timeline is dependent on your existing platform (whether that’s Zipwhip or someone else) and the carrier. It could be anywhere from 2–4 weeks.

Can you transfer my number first, before I sign up?

Unfortunately, no. Because of the labor associated with porting, you’ll need your account created and paid for before the transfer can begin. You’ll receive a temporary number in Skipio until your number has been ported or hosted.

Waiting for your number before you sign up would also mean waiting to upload your contacts or set up messaging automations, which will only slow you down later.

After I sign up, how do I start the transfer process?

We’ll provide you with a porting request form.

I registered and paid for 10DLC with a different service, do I have to pay that again?

If you are transferring your number, you do not have to register and pay for 10DLC Registration again. Please pick a temporary number and we will transfer your registration once we have the number.

Do you have a trial so I can test the product?

Instead of a trial, all 9Round franchise owners enjoy a 33% discount on the Premium plan AND a 60-day money back guarantee. Cancel any time in the first 2 months to get your money back.

How can I learn Skipio?

Skipio includes a complete Resource Center with tutorials and guides. You’ll also receive onboarding guidance through email and text messaging.

What sort of customer support do I get?

Skipio includes a dedicated Resource Center and, if needed, email support.

Text your leads faster, consistently connect with your customers, and never sound like a bot.

Ready to know more about Skipio? Submit the form and we’ll text you shortly.

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